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Bralo´s rivets and insert nuts offer a resistant and sure solution to many problems of holding.

Bralo’s rivets and insert nuts provide a resistant and safe solution to many fastening problems. How can two pieces be joined, when there is no access to the rear of one of them? Sometimes the rear of an application is not accessible because it is hidden under machinery or because we are dealing with closed profiles or frameworks. Rivets and insert nuts are fastening elements, whose installation only requires access to just one side of the application. With their fast installation, reduced operation cost and high productivity, there is always a solution at Bralo.

There is no limit at Bralo when it comes to variety. Our intensive search for materials and our constant use of innovative technology have created the widest range of finishes in the market. Bralo’s rivets and insert nuts can be used to fasten a big variety of materials, including soft materials, fragile materials, thin sheets and plastic. They have been designed to satisfy the highest quality levels and have been manufactured to resist the most severe weather conditions.

To improve resistance to corrosion, we can apply many protective coatings, including: Delta-Seal, extra-thick zincating, zinc-nickel electrical zincating and anodised finishes for aluminum alloy rivets with or without colour.

Working alongside the customer, we offer customized fastening solutions and services from the applications engineering to the preparation and finishes of the product.

To sum up, using Bralo’s fastening elements guarantees higher productivity, reduced costs and high quality final products.

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