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About Bralo

Our commitment.


  • To meet the market needs excelling our customers’ expectations.
  • To create employment and help people with professional talent and positive attitude to develope their careers.
  • To generate wealth and share knowledge, technology and innovation.


  • A market-leading manufacturer of fastening solutions.
  • An organization in continuous growth, distinguished for providing the highest quality in customer service.
  • A responsible, efficient and competitive multinational company committed with the safety, the health and the environment.
  • A company prepared to compete globally.


  • Optimism, enthusiasm and illusion.
  • Effort and determination.
  • Respect for the people, for their capacity of initiative, creativity and innovation, for the participation and teamwork.
  • Customer orientated and commitment to service.
  • Promotion of a constant improvement and innovation to reach the maximum quality.
  • Positive attitude towards change and constant improvement.
  • Socially and culturally committed to the community with protection to the environment.
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