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The origin of Bralo's activities dates back to 1979. In a small workshop in Madrid, Basilio Lopez started his industrial career commercializing rivets. The response of the market was so good that short afterwards he moved to Fuenlabrada where, with a staff of 20 employees, he began the production of rivets and riveting tools.

In the 1980’s, Bralo gave a boost to its process of regional expansion. The most important movements were carried out within the Spanish market, expanding throughout the whole country, consolidating the company’s activity as a market leader.

In the first half of the 1990’s, Bralo was characterized by its commitment to internationalization, especially in the bordering countries, establishing new facilities in France and Portugal.

On May 19th, 1995 the headquarters of the Group moved to Pinto, Madrid. With a brand new plant of 12,000 m2 and a staff of 90 employees, Bralo’s production capacity increased up to 2,700 million pieces per year.

As the business kept growing, the Groug adapted itself to the new demands of the market. In 1996, and as a result of this constant development, the production plant in Mexico was born and with it, what will always be its motto: “The quality in rivets”

In our aim to become one of the references in the manufacturing of fastening solutions in Europe, Bralo inaugurated a new subsidiary in the Czech Republic in 1997, covering the emerging markets of eastern Europe.

At the end of the 1990’s the foundations of a logistic system adapting to the strong pace of foreseen growth were laid out. The facilities of Madrid were extended, until becoming, with its 16.000 m2, one of the world's most modern factory of fastening elements and a model for technology, productivity and logistic efficiency.

With the arrival of the new millenium the expansion of the Bralo Group was even more significant. On the period 2001-2004 Bralo accomplished a strong growth, higher than the average of the sector, due to its model of a differential business and to a greater presence on international markets, supported by the creation of new subsidiaries in countries such as The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Turkey, amongst others.

In May, 2006 we took the decision to gradually undertake a new project in China. This decision, taken after a profound feasibility study in which other alternatives were studied, resulted in the construction of a manufacturing plant in Ningbo.

With this excellent production structure, the Group reaffirmed its leadership in competitiveness and customer service. Bralo has always been at the forefront of the development of new products in order to meet the ever changing market needs, and during this time Bralo has developed solutions such as insert nuts, bolt-collar rivets and special products for both soft and high strength materials.

Today, Bralo is a technological company that applies innovative fastening solutions to sectors such as construction, automotive, renewable energies and electrical household appliances, providing its customers with long-term value from a management characterized by the promotion of innovation, social responsability, diligence and commitment.

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